Welcome to Wellness! Organizational wellness is key for the "R"s in today's human services: Retention; Recruitment; Risk management; and it's the Right thing! Practitioner self-care prevents burn-out and promotes wellbeing of helping professionals.

Let's work together to create a culture of wellness in the helping professions!

Who We Are


The Wellness Group, ETC’s Vision is wellness and self-care as integral aspects of ethical and competent practice. We build organizational capacity for wellness and support practitioner self-care.


  • We provide Transformative Leadership grounded in best practices.
  • We use Participatory Engagement strategies to guide wellness initiatives.
  • We take a Systemic Approach to affect integrated change.
  • We aim for Empowering Effects in the impact of wellness.
  • We promote Sustainable Change for organizational wellness and practitioner well-being.

Our Team

Our team brings a depth and breadth of grounded experience, proven expertise, and mission-driven passion. We are leaders in the wellness and self-care arena.


Dr. Erlene Grise-Owens

Partner, Ed.D., LCSW

Justin "Jay" Miller

Partner, Ed.D., LCSW

What We Do

Our Goals

The Wellness Group, ETC works with individual practitioners; groups and teams; social service organizations; professional education programs and schools; and professional associations to:

  • Promote wellness and self-care as integral to helping professions.
  • Build organizational capacity for wellness.
  • Support helping professionals (e.g., social workers, nurses, psychologists, medical doctors, counselors, educators, community activists, first responders, etc.) develop a personal path to wellness and self-care.
  • Promote a professional culture, individually and systemically, that supports and sustains wellness and self-care.

How We Accomplish Our Goals

How We Work

STEP 1 Evaluate needs, assets, and goals.
STEP 2 Develop a proposal with a menu of options for addressing those needs and leveraging assets toward achieving your goals.
STEP 3 Establish a feasible and structured plan that includes a timeline, evaluative measures, and description of components, responsible parties, and desired outcomes.
STEP 4 Enact the plan!
STEP 5 Evaluate progress and solidify sustainability.

Our Expertise & Resources

The Wellness Group, ETC partners have extensive expertise and a range of resources. We view our work as akin to building a home. We work with you to decide what you want and need. And, like a contractor, if we do not have the necessary skills and resources for a particular request, we use our extensive network to ensure that we provide the best services.

Consulting on the Phases of Organizational Wellness

We consult with organizations to evaluate the current status of wellness and staff well-being. We offer a menu of options for the different phases of an organizational wellness initiative: Conceptualizing; Planning; Implementing; Evaluating; Sustaining (CPIES)

Developing Self-Care Skills

We offer individuals and small groups coaching for development of self-care skills through training and coaching.

Providing Expertise for Professional Associations

We offer expertise to professional associations to help them provide their membership with resources for organizational wellness and staff well-being. We have a roster of speakers and trainers who can provide conference program speeches and/or lead workshops and trainings for professional meetings and conferences.

Designing Curricular Initiatives for Professional Programs

We consult with professional degree programs and schools to design and implement curricular changes that build the important professional skill of self-care and provide curricular content to prepare leaders in organizational wellness.

Contact Us

Let us know how we can work with you in a Wellness Way! Please contact us with questions, suggestions, and celebrations!

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